7) The ICT Challenge: effective ICT policies


Target audience: Prevent teams, IT staff, data protection officers and security managers.


Sections Overview

  1. Introduction

    This component covers the part IT policies might play in the effective implementation of the Prevent duty.

  2. Section 1

    A PowerPoint presentation, “Prevent – The ICT Challenge”, with training notes

  3. Section 2

    Guidance from Jisc on ensuring that the risks associated with ICT are recognised and managed.

Resource Documents

  1. Introduction (PDF)

    PDF Document (223 KB) Download
  2. Section 1: Prevent: The ICT challenge (PowerPoint)

    PPTX Document (341 KB) Download
  3. Section 1: Trainer’s notes (PDF)

    PDF Document (222 KB) Download
  4. Section 2: Guidance from Jisc (PDF)

    PDF Document (483 KB) Download