6) Risk assessment and action planning – ensuring a proportionate response


Target audience: All staff who play a part in risk assessing and action planning for the implementation of the Prevent duty. This is most likely to be the Prevent team itself, supported by staff within the organisation with knowledge of and responsibility for risk management. It is primarily intended for use at institutions that are new to Prevent in the context of HE but may also be of interest to those who wish to review and refresh their approach to risk assessment and action planning.

Sections Overview

  1. Introduction

    This component considers approaches to risk assessment and action planning in implementing the Prevent duty in order for institutions to meet their statutory obligations.

  2. Section 1

    A power point presentation, “Risk Assessment and Action Planning: A Proportionate Response”, with training notes.

  3. Section 2

    A power point presentation, “Risk Assessment: An Example”, with training notes.

  4. Section 3

    An example of a “Prevent Implementation Plan”. This may be used as a hand out and vehicle for discussion at workshops.

  5. Section 4

    A Workbook containing short exercises relating to the material in the presentations and notes and intended for use in training sessions.

Resource Documents

  1. Introduction

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  2. Section 1: Risk assessment and action planning (PowerPoint)

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  3. Section 1: Trainer’s notes

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  4. Section 2: An example of a risk assessment (PowerPoint)

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  5. Section 3: An example of a Prevent implementation plan (PDF)

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  6. Section 4: Module workbook

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