5) A student and staff well being issue? Safeguarding, pastoral care and student support


Target audience: Academic staff, student and staff well-being managers, professional staff working in student support services.


Sections Overview

  1. Introduction

    This component focuses on student and staff well being and safeguarding pastoral care.

  2. Section 1

    A presentation with training notes, Prevent: a Student and Staff Wellbeing Issue – Safeguarding, Pastoral Care and Student Support, compiled by Chris Shelley, Director of Student and Academic Services at the University of Greenwich.

  3. Section 2

    A presentation with training notes Prevent and the Duty of Care, compiled by Carolyn Pike, Director of Legal Services at the University of Birmingham, with input from John Ryan.

  4. Section 3

    Three case studies. The first, with notes, was written by Carolyn Pike and is intended for use alongside the presentation in Section 2. Case studies two and three were written by John Ryan, and are offered for use in workshops where the emphasis is on the use of institutional procedures to identify and support students who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism. The case studies cover a range of different types of extremism.

Resource Documents

  1. Introduction (PDF)

    PDF Document (679 KB) Download
  2. Section 1: Prevent: student and staff well being (PowerPoint)

    PPTX Document (798 KB) Download
  3. Section 1: Trainer’s notes (PDF)

    PDF Document (1 MB) Download
  4. Section 2: Prevent and the duty of care (PowerPoint)

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  5. Section 2: Trainer’s notes (PDF)

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  6. Section 3: Case study 1 (PDF)

    PDF Document (299 KB) Download
  7. Section 3: Case study 2 (PDF)

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  8. Section 3: Case study 3 (PDF)

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