4) Implementing the Prevent duty and upholding the principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech


Target Audience:  Academic staff, all staff responsible for developing and applying policies on external speakers and for managing events involving external speakers, staff and elected officers of students’ unions and student societies, student representatives.


Sections Overview

  1. Introduction

    This component considers the effective implementation of the Prevent duty in the context of events involving external speakers whilst also discharging their statutory responsibilities to uphold the principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech.

  2. Section 1

    A presentation and training notes, “Implementing the Prevent Duty and Upholding the Principles of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech” written by John Ryan, former University Secretary and Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Worcester and an associate of the LFHE.

  3. Section 2

    A presentation with training notes, which explores the implementation of the Prevent duty in the context of effective policies on and the effective management of events involving external speakers, compiled by Sam Slack, Regional Department for Education FE/HE Prevent Co-ordinator for the East Midlands.

  4. Section 3

    This takes the form of a “think piece” by Dr Adam Dawkins, Head of Governance and Secretary to the Board at Northumbria University, Newcastle, which discusses the challenge in implementing the duty and upholding academic freedom and freedom of speech.

  5. Section 4

    This section comprises four scenarios, which are offered for use in Prevent-related training sessions that address freedom of speech issues. The case studies were first used in workshops in the London region organised by the then London DfE FE/HE Prevent Regional Co-ordinators.

Resource Documents

  1. Introduction

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  2. Section 1: The Prevent duty, academic freedom and freedom of speech (PowerPoint)

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  3. Section 2: Trainer’s notes

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  4. Section 2: Policies and proceedures freedom of speech a proportionate response (PowerPoint)

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  5. Section 3: ‘Think piece’ Dr Adam Dawkins, Northumbria University

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  6. Section 4: Four Scenarios on freedom of speech issues

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