2) The Leadership Challenge – Implications for governing bodies and senior leaders


Target audience: Members of Boards, trustees, senior leaders and managers. 


Sections Overview

  1. Introduction

    An introduction to the component on the leadership challenges of implementing the Prevent duty in an HEI.

  2. Section 1

    A PowerPoint presentation with training notes, written by John Ryan, former University Secretary and Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Worcester. The presentation sets out what the statutory guidance states are the expectations of leadership, and the monitoring arrangements for ensuring compliance.

  3. Section 2

    A PowerPoint presentation with training notes written by Christine Abbott, former University Secretary and Director of Operations at Birmingham City University, which discusses the nature and impact of the challenges presented to boards, senior leadership teams and heads of academic departments and professional services.

  4. Section 3

    A “think piece” by Dr John Hogan, Registrar at Newcastle University, which provides a personal perspective on the leadership challenge that Prevent presents.

  5. Section 4

    A case study which considers the leadership challenges in dealing with a major Prevent-related incident intended for use with senior leaders and/or governors.

Resource Documents

  1. Introduction

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  2. Section 1: Trainers notes

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  3. Section 1: What does the Prevent duty say about ‘leadership’? (PowerPoint)

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  4. Section 2: The Prevent duty: The Leadership Challenge (PowerPoint)

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  5. Section 2: Trainers notes

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  6. Section 3: ‘Think piece’ Dr John Hogan, University of Newcastle

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  7. Section 4: Case Study

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