1) An introduction to the Prevent duty as it affects Higher Education


Target audience:  This component is intended for any staff or other member of the institution who needs to understand the nature of the Prevent statutory duty as it affects higher education.

Sections Overview

  1. Introduction

    This component provides a good all round understanding of the nature of the Prevent duty as it affects higher education.

  2. Section 1

    A PowerPoint presentation with training notes – an introduction to the Prevent duty, compiled by John Ryan, former University Secretary and Pro Vice Chancellor (Students) at the University of Worcester and Salam Katbi, Department for Education Regional FE/HE Prevent Coordinator for the South West.

Resource Documents

  1. Introduction (PDF)

    PDF Document (539 KB) Download
  2. Section 1: Introduction to the Prevent duty (PowerPoint)

    PPTX Document (1 MB) Download
  3. Section 1: Trainers notes

    DOCX Document (35 KB) Download