Hate Crime


Hate crimes are criminal offences which are motivated by hostility or prejudice in relation to a person’s real or perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity.

Any crime can be a hate crime, the most common forms of hate crime include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and bullying, or damage to property.

Monitoring Hate Crime

Once an incident has been reported to the police, they will work to determine whether or not a hate crime has been committed before acting accordingly. Hate crime prosecutions fall into three categories:

The report hate crime page on gov.uk outlines how you can report cases of hate crime and includes links to support pages for victims of crime.

In the associated organisations section below you’ll find some examples of organisations you can report incidences of hate crime to, who will be able to provide specific support to the different communities affected by hate crime.

Associated Organisations

  • True Vision is a website funded by the police which enables reporting to the police and provides information on all forms of hate crime.
  • Stop Hate UK is for reporting all forms of hate crime, this organisation also provides support and advice specifically for universities.
  • Tell MAMA Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) is a secure service for people to report any form of Muslim abuse.
  • Community Security Trust (CST) is a charity which protects British Jews from antisemitism. They have a dedicated team which deals with antisemitic incidents.
  • Galop provides support for the LGBT+ community. Their hate crime page features a downloadable handbook for LGBT+ people, as well as details for reporting incidents of hate crime.
  • DeafPlus is a charity for Deaf and deafened people.  Their hate crime page includes a British Sign Language (BSL) video on hate crime (including how to report), as well as a BSL advice line.
  • Changing Faces is a charity that provides support, advice and advocacy for people with disfigurements. 
  • Dimensions is a learning disability and autism charity that runs the #ImwithSam campaign against learning disability hate crime.  
  • Report It Wales is a Welsh service for hate crime reporting.
  • Victim Support is an independent charity supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents. 
  • Gate Herts is an organisation dedicated to preventing hate crime and discrimination against Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities.


Carried out by the Universities UK Taskforce, Chapter 4 of the ‘Changing the Culture’ report offers reflections on taking a university-wide approach to responding to incidents of hate crime.

To view all the materials available on Safe Campus Communities visit our resources page.

Case Studies

OfS Catalyst Projects

The Office for Students's £4.7 million student safeguarding fund is supporting over 100 projects, with a particular focus on sexual harassment, online harassment and hate crime. The first cohort of projects came to an end between May and July 2018, the second cohort of projects concluded in December 2018, and the third cohort will conclude in February 2020.

On the OfS projects page you can read about these projects, such as the University of Leicester’s ‘Standing Together’ project, which included a student-led consultation, the development of interactive digital training, as well as a short animated film.

More videos and information about other hate crime related projects funded by OfS are available here.


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