Exchanging knowledge. Helping prevent violent extremism and radicalisation. Supporting safe campus communities.

Every higher education institution is unique. They differ in the size of their student body, their demography, location and institutional mission. Some are campus-based, others are located across several sites, but all are fundamentally interlinked with their surrounding communities and all have a duty of care to students and staff. They also all have a legally defined role to secure freedom of speech, promote academic freedom, and comply with the Prevent Duty. 
Ensuring that universities remain safe and secure places of study involves different staff and functions. Understanding Prevent and its relevance to higher education institutions should be one element of broader initiatives to ensure that institutions remain places where debate and free speech can prosper, and safe campus communities can thrive.

This website provides guidance, resources and case studies on a range of areas related to student and staff safety including Freedom of Speech, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Equalities, Online Harassment. Further support on Prevent is also provided on our training page.

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