Roots of Radicalisation: Home Affairs Committee Inquiry

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Home Affairs Committee Inquiry, Roots of Radicalisation, 2012

An inquiry by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee published in February 2012. The inquiry has 5 key objectives:

- Determine the major drivers of, and risk factors for recruitment to, terrorist movements linked to (a) Islamic fundamentalism, (b) Irish dissident republicanism and (c) domestic extremism

- Examine the relative importance of prisons and criminal networks, religious premises, universities and the internet as fora for violent radicalisation

- Examine the operation and impact for the current process for proscribing terrorist groups

- Consider the appropriateness of current preventative approaches to violent radicalisation in light of these findings, including the roles of different organisations at national and local level

- Make recommendations to inform implementation of the Government's forthcoming revised Prevent strategy

The government have published a response in June 2012 which can be found HERE

PDF Document (2.03MB) Download

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