Prevent guidance published

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Prevent guidance published

The Home Office has today published statutory guidance setting out the steps that higher education institutions and other public bodies are expected to take to comply with the new Prevent statutory duty. There are two versions of the guidance; the first covers England and Wales and the second applies to Scotland only. 

The guidance does not, as yet, contain information on managing external speakers and events as agreement could not be reached within government as to the exact wording of this section.  


UPDATE 26/03/2016 The Immigration Minister subsequently announced to Parliament that: 

"we shall use the time before the duty commences to produce further guidance on managing speakers and events in further and higher education institutions, and it will be for the next Government to bring that to Parliament early in the next Session for the approval of both Houses."

The statutory duty is due to take effect on 1 July 2015. If content on external speakers has not been agreed by that date, then it is unlikely that the statutory duty will be applied to higher education institutions. However, this approach is subject to the agreement of the incoming government.