Relevant Organisations

There are a number of organisations which may be able to offer assistance to universities in relation to the Prevent agenda and other broader issues of campus relations and student and staff welfare. Please find further information including contact details via the links below. 

Home Office

The Home Office is the lead UK Government department for addressing the threat from terrorism. Responsibility for this work sits within the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism which is part of the Home Office. Prevent is one of four work strands in CONTEST, the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy.



Policing has a central role within Prevent. The ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit (PDU) is a national police unit which works to support the Government’s Prevent strategy providing national coordination for the policing response to the prevention of terrorism and also non-violent extremism which creates an environment conducive to terrorism. The PDU supports police forces in mainstreaming Prevent into day to day policing, working in partnership to ensure a joined-up approach to police Prevent activity. It works with communities, to empower them to reject all forms of terrorism.

This has been done through the development of a number of projects to help communities, sectors and institutions discuss issues surrounding radicalisation.

The majority of police work in universities has nothing at all to do with extremism or terrorism. Police Officers and Community Support Officers provide advice and assistance in the prevention of crime and helping to make universities a safe place to live, work and study. Police forces want to support universities with their duty of care and this is best done by regular interaction with students and staff through all manner of media – individual contact, group contact, debate, social events, and internet fora among others.




AUCSO is the primary association for Security Professionals working in Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher and Further Education in the UK and Europe. The Association provides a forum for its members to exchange knowledge, information and best practice relating to security management within the sector. There is an on-line forum where members ask specific questions on all matters of security and where fellow members reply and provide advice and support. On the website there is also an on-line document section providing best practice, templates and legislative references.

The AUCSO Executive Committee liaises with the Police, government agencies, charities, student organisations and the Media on all matters concerning security and personal safety in Universities. AUCSO represents its members whenever possible and will comment on proposed changes in legislation which may effect its members. The Executive Committee also oversees sub groups, which look at training and professional development, security technology, animal rights and counter terrorism issues.




NUS (National Union of Students) is a confederation of 600 students' unions, amounting to more than 95 per cent of all higher and further education unions in the UK. Through our member students' unions, we represent the interests of more than seven million students. As NUS is committed to student welfare and safety, NUS works with the Higher Education sector and other partners so that students’ unions can promote and provide a safe environment for students to go about their lives free from prejudice, discrimination, physical harm and verbal abuse.