Good campus relations

Higher education institutions have a responsibility to facilitate and promote good campus relations. However, tensions can and sometimes do arise. It is important that institutions are aware where tensions may arise and take appropriate steps to ensure that good campus relations are protected.


University chaplains and good campus relations


Chaplains have a variety of roles and skills relevant to building good relations on campus. They are familiar with handling religion, bring knowledge of one or more faiths, and have contacts with individuals who can be called upon for advice on a range of religions.


With their dual commitment to their faith tradition and the university, chaplains seek the good of the university and the development of positive expressions of faith within it. Part of that is working to build good relationships both within the university and between the university and the wider community. Typically, they have contact with all faith groups on campus and local interfaith networks.


Chaplains have an ongoing work of listening, educating, and bringing people together for dialogue, socialising, worship and learning. They can also be called upon for advice on religious issues, including what contributes to good relations between religions and between those who do not hold such a faith, and on specific matters which arise on campus.


There are a range of resources available to institutions to assist with this not least detailed guidance on specific issues.


ECU guidance on promoting good campus relations.

NUS resources on promoting good campus relations.

UUK guidance on promoting good campus relations and dealing with hate crime.